My dad says it is because we have just come back from our boat trip and when you spend all day bobbing around on the bouncy waves it's hard for your body to remember that you are actually back on firm ground!

Ben, my little brother, my dad and I have just come back from holiday. We've been sailing on a massive reservoir (that's a big lake where they store water until it is needed). One of the sailors we met there told us that the reservoir is man-made and that one day all the children from all the villages close to the lake came to the reservoir with a bottle filled with water and that is how they made the lake. I didn't believe him of course - I'm not THAT gullible - but you should've seen Ben's face!

"WOW!" he said "...but where did you get so many bottles and so many children from?"

My dad and I burst out laughing and it didn't take long for the old man, my uncle Alex and Ben to start chuckling too.

We had a LOVELY time. My uncle Alex's boat is beautiful, bright blue and white with little yellow cabin doors, it is called AMPHITRITE. It's a hard name to pronounce.

"AM-FI-TRY-TEE", Uncle Alex told me "She's the Greek goddess of the sea!" A massive smile spread across his face from ear to ear, and his eyes sparkled, "My goddess of the sea!" 

"She is a very beautiful lady boat." Ben said.

"All boats are ladies, Ben" Alex said, "beautiful, elegant ladies of the sea."

Amphitrite took us on a wonderful journey, gliding through the waters, making the boat jump and bounce, which made us scream and laugh with excitement.  Every so often my dad and Uncle Alex would shout at the top of their lungs: "Coming about! Quick, get over to the other side of the boat!" and I would grab Ben's hand and pull him to the other side.

On other days, when it was calmer, I would lie on my tummy, cushioned by my life jacket, and trace my fingers through the cool water as Amphitrite slid through the deep blues. Each night we would cuddle up in her bunks, inside the boat, reading stories and playing cards in the dim cabin light, or lie on our backs on the deck spotting all the stars above. "That's Pegasus up there" my dad would tell us "your favourite star in the sky - Pegasus, that courageous Greek horse.