Marching about Climate Change

It took a lot of persuading for mum to let us go. ‘Persuading’ means changing someone’s mind. At first Mum said ‘no way!’ She thought I was too young to be involved in a protest. She also thought it was too expensive to go to London just for one day.

I told Mum that I had the right to freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest and that climate change was everyone’s problem and that kids are the ones that will have to take over this planet when we grow up and..and...well, mum cut me off here because I was almost out of breath. She smiled even though I’m not sure what was so funny. 

She hugged me and said she is proud that I have always cared for Earth’s creatures, from Digby to the plants in our garden to the big, beautiful polar bears we saw on TV.  She finally agreed to take me to the march!

I spent the night before colouring in a sign that said ‘CLIMATE CHANGE IS EVERYONE’S PROBLEM.’ Mum helped me mount it on the handle of an old mop.

On Sunday, we took the coach to London to save energy. We took the London underground and joined the march after it had started, somewhere near the river. Then we walked all the way to Parliament Square which is near Big Ben.

It was loud and noisy and crowded and I loved it! But I worried that Digby might get squished, so I held on to him tightly.  People were holding big banners and chanting.  Some were even dressed up as animals and one group was carrying huge statues of giraffes! There were loads of other kids with their families there too. Some of them had their faces painted.  It felt like a carnival. 

I had no idea so many other people cared about the planet as much as me. Mum said there were 40,000 people there.  That’s 200 times as many kids as in school! And there were protest marches happening all over the world on the same day.  There were even some protests happening in countries where there is a war going on.  That just proves how much people care about the future of our planet!

You can read more about the People’s Climate March and the meeting where leaders of countries are talking about what to do about climate change:

What other ways can you think of to take action to make the world a better place?