On Happy Snow Day, Ben, Digby and I woke up and screamed "WOW!WOW!WOW!" as we looked out the window at the gardens and roofs of the neighbours' houses covered deep and white in the most beautiful soft snow! It was AMAZING. Mum made Ben and me eat bowls of hot, banana porridge and wrapped us up in at least six layers of clothes so we'd keep warm before we ran out to play. Ben was so excited that he jumped face first into the snow! We gathered up snow balls and built snow men and snow mice, but the moment Ben started trying to squeeze handfuls of snow down my back I ran back inside the house to find Aunty Barbara sitting at the breakfast table!

"What are you doing here?" I shouted as Ben ran into her arms! Barbara was sitting at the table in a pair of bright pink moon boots, made especially for walking in the snow. "I came to see my two favourite snow balls" she replied, blowing me a kiss as I pulled my wellies off at the back door. "and to take you on a very special snow day walk!" my great aunty Barbara replied. Great Aunty Barbara is great for two reasons. One, she is a lot of fun and two, because she is really my mum's aunty and not my mum or dad's sister. She is called a great aunt and she really is a great aunt ! The greatest aunty and maybe the greatest lady you will ever have the luck to meet!

"A snow walk! Yipee!!" Ben shouted as he slid off Barbara's knee and ran to the door to get into his snow boots. We set out on our long walk, gloved-hand in gloved-hand, through the village, behind the old churchyard and around the edge of the farmer's field where the frost and snow had made the sprouting crops look like sparkly Christmas decorations. It was a lovely icy walk. We saw wonderful sights: exotic palm trees in the snow outside the hair salon on the high street, little birds bouncing across snowy branches and fields of pure, undisturbed white.

As we climbed the hill next to the farmer's field, breaking the snow with our boots, we heard giggling and screaming. Barbara started to run to the top, her white plait of hair bobbing up and down as she ran. "Martha! Put that snow ball down or I'll make a snow ball out of you!" Great Aunty Barbara shouted.

A shower of snow came flying through the air towards us, as Aunty Barbara grabbed a handful of snow and started to chase after her friend Martha. Now Martha, like Aunty Barbara, is no spring chicken, and as they ran around throwing snow at each other they looked like all the other children on the hill. Before we knew it, Martha and Aunty Barbara were pulling plastic bags out of Martha's pockets, and holding Ben and I tight against them as we used the bags as sledges and zoomed down the hill ..."wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" All four of us screamed with delight as we sped down  and landed in a mass of tangled bodies. There we lay still for a minute, looking up the hill and watching all the children, grandmas, dads, mums, boys and girls having brilliant fun.

Snow is an amazing thing. Just think how much happiness those simple white flakes can bring. They make so many people happy!

Happy Snow Days to you all!