Of course I want my bedroom theme to be about football. I immediately had the idea of painting a football on my wall above my bed, so the moment I wake up I will see it.

Mum said we’d have to discuss this all later, after I had been to school, and she had come back from work, but it was good. I was excited just thinking about it.

I really was thrilled! Finally I could change my boring white walls! There were two things in my room I had to think about though. The first was my beautiful Digby. He was my cheeky little mouse. What would he think about me changing our room? How would he want to decorate it?

Secondly I had to think about all the stars on my ceiling. I had to keep them, as they remind me of my dad and how he loves to teach me about the universe. I love learning about it too, because I know how much it interests him, but I also love football! So I must keep both.

When I got to school I consulted Millie to see if she had any ideas. She knew about my passion for football and said I could even paint my walls the colour of my favourite football team. I thought that was fantastic! But unfortunately red, white and blue (the colours of the England team) where really not my favourite colours. Then I had an idea, it was about time my Sea Stars team had their own flag. Plus, I could design it in my favourite colours!

I ran home that evening to drop my school bag off and meet Maggie, Em, Flo, Sam, Danny, Jack and Michael, my Sea Stars team, in the park. I couldn’t wait to tell them all my ideas and of course play some football with them. We are getting very good as a team now and they are all such fun.

“We won the championships so now it is time we had our own flag!” I proclaimed.

“Hooray!” they all shouted.

“What a brilliant idea!” exclaimed Em.

I am so happy. Now both my room and my wonderful Sea Stars team are being re-decorated, summer is going to be busy!