I found out that she had moved into the house next to mine, so on her first day, I ran over and asked if she wanted to play football. We have been playing football every day until 5 PM, which is really late! Since she lives next door, we have also begun to walk to and from school together every day.

Mitali and Anna sitting on a picnic benchMillie was being quiet today. I knew something was wrong, because she was not her usual, happy self. During snack time today, she sat by herself instead of going out to play football with me. Millie has been like this for the past couple of days. On the days when she is sad, she does not like to talk to anyone, not even me or Mitali!

Mrs Ashworth noticed and pulled me aside during lunch. She said that Millie may have been feeling left out, because Isabelle and I were always walking and playing football together.
I did not mean to leave Millie out - she is my absolute best friend in the world! However, in my excitement, I may have forgotten to include her.

After school, I immediately ran to her and apologised.

“I’m so sorry, Millie! I did not mean to leave you out of our games. You are my best friend!”
When I said that, Millie immediately hugged me and grinned.

“That’s okay, Anna. I know you did not do it on purpose. We all make mistakes.”

I hugged back. Even though Millie said it was okay, I know that it doesn’t feel good to be left out.

“We could all play together,” I said. “It’s more fun when there are more than two people playing! Are you free today after school?”

Mille immediately grinned. “For football? I am always free!”

After school that day, Millie, Isabelle and I all walked home together. It’s so much fun to have my two best friends with me!