My bedroom is perfect! I kept the stars on my ceiling, but mum helped to paint my room in a new way. Now it's a beautiful light blue, and I've painted a football above my bed. I didn't know at first what I wanted to do, but I talked to Digby, (after all, it's his room, too!) and he suggested that it should be Turquoise-blue, like the sea. I thought it was a great choice - I've always loved the sea. Now my room has the sea underneath the stars, which I love. That's what gave me the idea for the Sea Stars flag! I made it the same colour as my wall. Then Jack and Flo put a picture of a tree-house in the middle, because that's where we like to meet up, and I put a football next to it, because that's what we like to do! It's BRILLIANT! Everybody loved the idea, and I put it up in the tree-house with the trophy.

Then I had to go back to school. I didn't really want to because I'd had so much fun on my summer holidays, but mum made me go. I completely forgot about not wanting to go in as soon as I saw all my friends! The teacher asked us all to stand up and talk about what we'd done on our holidays, and everyone had had such cool summers! Millie showed me the watch that her parents had given her, and I was really jealous but I was happy because she was smiling again.

It got to my turn and I told everyone about surfing with Digby and about winning the championship and about my room and the flag. Everyone sat really quietly and listened and wanted to ask me questions at the end, I think they were all jealous of me, now! I played football with Maggie, Danny and Sam in the playground, and my teacher didn't give me any homework!

It was a great day, and even though I had an incredible summer, I was glad to be back with all my friends again.