I love traveling; even though Bath is in England, it feels very different from London. I learned a lot when I was in Bath! Did you know that two thousand years ago, Bath was a popular destination for many Romans to relax? It’s quite strange. The only place that I take a bath is at home!

On Friday, we went to the Bath Abbey, a famous church. It was really beautiful! Digby wanted to run around and explore, but I was afraid that he would get lost, so we stuck close together. Afterwards, we went to the park and had afternoon tea. There was chocolate cake, raisin scones, macaroons and tiny sandwiches! Dad let me have all of it, but said I could only do so if I didn’t tell Mum. I gave Digby some too; by the end of the afternoon, we were all so full! We walked around the town, and bought some souvenirs. I bought a magnet for Mum and Millie; I might start collecting magnets of all the places I go to. I wonder how many I could collect. Going to Bath was really so much fun. It was quite tiring because we were outside all day, but I loved it. I can’t wait to travel more this summer!