I am so excited for my little brother to grow up so I can play games with him.  I play peek-a-boo with him sometimes, but that can get kind of boring. I would love to play hide and seek with him. I’ll just have to wait a few years for him to grow!

Mummy said that when he has grown I’ll be in secondary school!  I am going to secondary school next year. I only have one month left at my primary school. I am really nervous about it. At first, I didn’t tell anyone about my worries at school, because everyone else seemed really excited to go to a new place.  This made me feel worse. Why was I nervous when everyone else was excited?

My biggest worry is whether I will make friends. What if I get there and I am in a different form to all my friends? I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t with Georgia  - or Sam.  I told Mum that I am worried, and she said not to worry because everyone will feel a bit strange about starting a new school, it won’t just be me.  I wasn’t so sure.

Mrs King spoke about moving to a new school during a special year 6 assembly.  She told us: ‘many of you will be going on a new adventure soon, to a new school. All different schools in fact! How many of you are excited?’

Everyone in the hall put their hands up.

‘Wow!’ said Mrs King. ‘It IS very exciting.  Yet I wonder… how many of you are a little bit nervous about going to a new school?’

Everyone in my class looked at each other.  After few seconds, Sam, one of my best friends, put his hand up slowly. Then two more people put their hands up. Then three more people.  When  a minute had passed, about 25 people had put their hands up!

I was so surprised. It wasn’t just me feeling nervous!

Mrs King said: ‘many things change throughout our lives. As babies we go to nursery, then as we grow we go through different years in primary school. Then we become teenagers and go to secondary school! After this, we will go to university or get an apprenticeship or a job.  Things change even when we become adults – we might change jobs for example. We will meet new people and have lots of different friends.  Often these changes can make us feel a little worried, or excited… and all of these feelings are OK. They are all a part of change.  If you are really worried about moving to secondary school, remember you can talk to you teacher or another adult here, or at your next school’.

After the assembly, I felt a little better about it. Don’t get me wrong – I am still worried about moving, and I know I probably will still be a bit worried until I get to secondary school. But, I am also quite excited!  Just as my brother will change as he grows (he will be able to play hide and seek with me!), I will continue to grow and change too.  I will meet new friends and learn new things.  I feel like an explorer ready to start my new adventure!