My name is Alba.  I am 11 and I love to play the guitar.  One day I want to be in a band! If I get to practice that is. Sometimes I have to wait to practice after school because my brother is having an afternoon nap. Babies nap a lot!

I like playing hide and seek at school, but Sam and Georgia want to play something else. One day last week Sam was off school because he was ill, Georgia wanted to play ‘Families’, but then she said: ‘We can’t, because Sam isn’t in! No one can play Dad!’

I said: ‘we can have two ‘mums’ in our family!’

Georgia laughed and said ‘we can’t have two mums! That’s just silly Alba. Families always have a one mum and one dad.  My mum told me’.

The bell went so we had to stop playing. I was confused. Why couldn’t we play families with two mums? I have two mums: Mum and Mummy.

I forgot about what Georgia said, as later that afternoon, we were preparing for the Summer Fair. Year 6 were in charge of some of the stalls! It was so exciting; I was in charge of the sweet stall so I got to sell sweets to the rest of the school.

The fete happened yesterday. It was so great. The gummy snakes were the most popular of all. Everyone brought their whole family along to the fair, and played loads of games. Some people had big families, and some people had small families.  Some people had a step mum or dad, and some people had step brothers and sisters.  Sam brought his step mum and step sister. Ryan brought his mum, dad and little sister. Evie brought her auntie and her mum, and her little cousin!

It reminded me of the game I played with Georgia at lunchtime. It didn’t seem like all families had one mum and one dad. Everyone’s family looked different!

We had fun and raised lots of money at the fete for our chosen charity. Our teacher was proud of our hard work!