My karate lessons are going well and I am really enjoying them. I am hoping to get my orange belt soon. It's an amazing feeling when I get a new belt and Mr Chow says I am doing well, considering I only started in the summer. How time flies!

When I think about it, I have achieved so much since coming to England. It's almost the anniversary of the day we arrived. It was over 8 years ago this Christmas. I still remember that first Christmas and my first day at school, and even the first word I said in English and how scared I felt. Now here I am writing to you all in English and I am happy in my school and with my wonderful Go-Giver friends. My mum always says to me:
‘Ahmeti, times flies when you are having fun!' and you know what? It's true.

Sometimes it's good to think about things you have achieved in your life and to think about how far you have come. When I look back through the blogs I have written for you, I remember when I couldn't speak English, I remember when I had to join my new school and didn't have any friends. I had to be brave and make new ones. I still write to my old school friends in Kosovo and one day I would like to have a big party and invite all my new school friends and my old friends from home. I remember when I had problems drawing and Jun helped me out. Since then, I have been practising and I'm not too bad at drawing now. Mrs Brown, my art teacher, says she likes my ‘unique style'! I remember when I had trouble studying for my exams and how my tummy would tighten, and my mind would go blank. My friend Hamish helped me to fix all that and introduced me to Karate.

Wow! When I think back and remember all these things I have overcome and achieved, I am proud of myself, and it feels good. Sometimes we all need to take a little time to think about our successes in life and be proud of ourselves.

I would like you all to think back and remember one thing you have recently achieved, and be proud of yourselves. Time really does fly and it's good to use some of that time to think about how far we have come! I look forward to hearing about your successes in your next messages to me.