It is raining outside and I am at home writing a story for my friend Teefa. I am curled up in my bedroom and my cat, Minnie, is sleeping softly next to me, her body moving up and down as she breathes in, her chin resting on my feet.

The story is about a little bird that gets lost flying from south to north. Do you know that in the summer lots of birds like beautiful, v-shaped swallows, fly back north to Europe from Africa? They always travel in big flocks of many, many birds. They spend summer in Britain and the rest of Europe, but need to return to Africa where it is warm during our winter. Lucky birds! They don't know the half of it! All those cold, rainy, winter days, the frost, the short days and long nights. They must have happy, sunny lives! However, I would not like to take the difficult journey from South to North and back again.

I have always wondered what would happen if, on one of those long, dangerous journeys one of those little birds was to get lost. How would it find its way back to the flock?

Swallows must see the most wonderful things in the world. From way up above the rivers, the trees, people and the lights of bustling, busy cities must look so strange, and so very small.

In the story my little swallow will see it all. She will fly along the turquoise-coloured rivers, alongside the greenest and the snowiest mountain tops, watch people laughing and splashing in open air swimming pools. My little swallow will fly over the orange sand dunes of the Sahara desert following camels carrying men wrapped in white cloth. She will battle against the winds as she flies and fights the harsh winds over the Mediterranean and North seas.

I wish I could travel with the swallow and see everything she sees. When I am older I am going to pack a small bag with just a few things that I really need, like a tooth brush, my nightie, some clothes and my favourite red hat.  I'll see if I can squeeze my cat Minnie in my bag too. Just like the swallows, I am going to discover some of the most magical things in the world.