What will we wear, how will we have our hair, and whose house will we get ready in? Who will ask us to dance? I have been secretly wishing that this school disco will finally be the one at which Tom Bandbridge, the cutest and funniest boy in the class, asks ME to dance!

Wearing my new silver dress, pink shoes and a little lipstick, I felt so beautiful! As we walked into the school hall my heart was beating, I was certain that tonight I was going to dance with Tom! When the slow songs started I looked around for Tom, I couldn't see him anywhere, maybe he had decided not to come? The room was full of dancing couples and I was standing all alone but then I saw Tom, he turned and smiled at me. I started to walk over to him, smiling, I could feel myself going red but then I realised, he was dancing with another girl! I was so embarrassed; I tried to pretend as if I was smiling at someone else! How could I have been so foolish to believe he would want to dance with me!

I went to the corner of the room and sat on a chair, trying to hold back the tears. I felt so humiliated; this was definitely the worst day of my life. I never wanted to go to school again!  Then I felt a warm hand take mine and pull me onto the dance floor. I looked up with teary eyes to see Hamish smiling. I should have known Hamish wouldn't leave me there crying. He is the kindest boy in the class and do you know what? At that moment, I realised that being kind is more important than being good looking or funny. We danced to all my favourite songs and I felt so happy that I stopped thinking about Tom and had the best school disco!