On Eid day, everyone wears brand new clothes. To get ready for the big day, my mum, my sister Lulu and I went shopping. It's not often that my mum takes me shopping and I wanted to make the most of it! I wanted the most sparkly new dress I could find.

We went to almost every shop in town.  I tried on SO many dresses, but they were either too long, too big, or just made me look silly. What was I going to wear on Eid day?!

Then, just as we were giving up, I saw a purple dress in the window of a charity shop. It didn't have a fancy pattern, or gold thread.  it didn't sparkle with jewels. But somehow the fact that it was so simple made it more beautiful.

‘Mum!' I shouted. ‘That's the dress - in the window!'

Mum sounded surprised at my choice. But I tried it on and it fit perfectly.

I get so excited the night before Eid, I can hardly sleep. In the morning, everyone wakes up really early to pray and then we eat a big breakfast together. The whole day is filled with visitors coming and going, giving gifts of chocolate and cakes and other yummy treats. My Auntie Zamira and cousin Arjeta both said they loved my outfit!   

As much as I enjoy getting dressed up, the thing I like most about Ramadan and Eid is that it is a time of giving. Muslims around the world give money to help people who are living in poverty. It's not just about giving money though. It's about coming together to share food and spend time with family and friends, and to take time to think about people in need.

What else can you give to help others other than money?