I am supposed to be doing my homework but I'm finding it really difficult to do! We have to write a story and draw pictures about an adventure that happens near, in, or anything really to do with the sea.

I don't mind writing the story, that is a lot of fun. I have lots of ideas for writing stories. Some times I lie down on my bed and spend hours thinking of places to visit, new lands, new people to meet, their adventures, and when I sit down to write them down in my pink book the words just seem to come out so easily. However, when it comes to drawing, that can be really difficult.

I never seem to get the lines right, the head of the person is never how it should be, and my sister says I forget to draw their necks. I'm always a little bit embarrassed to hand my drawings in at school, because they just don't look right.

My friend Jun is great at drawing, she really makes it look so easy. She can copy a flower or draw clothes for hours and hours. She makes everything look so bright and pretty. Even if she starts with something simple, it always look brilliant. She says she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up, or the person who makes costumes for the theatre. We would make a great team. She could draw and make the costumes and I could write the stories for the plays. 

What are you and your friends really good at? What great things could you make or do together?