I made a list of all the different people and places that make up my community. I put them in order. At first, it was really easy.

1. The closest people to me are my family and all my cool friends.
2. The next closest are all the people my local area. Everyone at my school, on my street and in my town.
3. Next would be everyone in my country, England.
4. After that, all the people in Europe, the continent we’re in.
5. Then, well…the whole world!

The next step was to list some people in our community. I had to think a little harder about it. The closest people to me are definitely my family and friends, but not all of my family live in my local area.

As you know, my parents were born in Kosovo, which is a country in Europe. The rest of my family still lives there. My family in Kosovo feel just as close to me as if they lived in the next street! My Kosovan cousin Kaltrina is one of my best friends. We email every week and sometimes we Skype on the weekends. But there are some things Kaltrina doesn’t get that only my English friends do, like my favourite TV shows and how much I love to put cheddar cheese on everything! I guess because we live in different countries there are some things we don’t share even though we’re best friends.

Picture of Ahmeti on the phone with her laptop open

Community is complicated! It’s not just a group of people. It’s a group of people that have something in common. But maybe a community doesn’t have to all be in just one place.

What do you think? Sometimes I think that if all my family and friends lived only in England, and I didn’t know anyone from another country, my community would feel smaller. People have lots of different views about how big or small their community is. How big is your community?