So my teacher said the whole school was going to do a Day for Change, which means for one day, everything is going to be a little bit different. That made me nervous, thinking that things we're going to be hard, but she said that it wouldn't be bad-different, just different to make us realise how important change is. She also said we should tell our parents about this, because we're going to have contests and things to raise money for the people in Guyana.

After school, I went home, and Lulu had already told our parents about the Day for Change. My mum said she wanted to donate money, because we know what it's like to live somewhere scary and unsafe. Lulu said maybe the children in South America could all come to England like we did, but my dad said South America is really far away, even farther than Kosovo, and showed us on a map.

"What are you going to do for raising money, Ahmeti? I'm going to bake something for the bake sale," said Lulu.

"We have to make something?" I asked, confused.

It turns out that there are all kinds of contests and raffles to raise money on the Day for Change, and that's what is going to be different- the whole day will be about fundraising. The next day at school, Hamish asked me what I was going to do, just like Lulu did.

"I don't know, maybe I could draw something?" I always thought that my art wasn't very good, but I've been working on it a lot. Then I had a great idea, and I went looking for my friend, Jun.

"Jun, what are you doing for the Day for Change?" I didn't even wait for an answer. "I think we should write a play and you can draw the sets and I'll write the scenes!"

Jun agreed, and for the next week we worked really hard on our play. At first Jun wanted to make it about fashion, and have her and Teefa be the models, but I said it should have something to do with the children in Guyana. So we thought and thought, and then Hamish said, "You should write about what it felt like to have everything change when you came here, Ahmeti. Because that's what this is all about, right?"

Everyone agreed, so we put on a show about my family leaving Kosovo and how I had to learn English, but now everything is better and we can help make a big change for other people who need it! We're selling tickets for 50p and all of the money is going to UNICEF, the group that runs Day for Change and gives it to people in need. And all of us got to use our talents, and even Lulu is going to be in the show! She loves the idea too and so do our parents, who have already bought lots of tickets from us.

Have you ever done anything to raise money for charity? Day for Change is the 4th of February this year, but your school can do it on any day, and raise money for the kids in Guyana!

Image by Delehaye (Own work) [CC0 or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons