Being a go-giver and a go-getter

I've been so busy recently! Just before the Easter holidays, I went with Callum to the Go-Givers Make a Difference Challenge Celebration Event at the V&A! 

Did any of you spot us there? I saw some great performances and met so many children who have made a difference in their communities!

Some of the issues other kids chose that they care about include homelessness, caring for the elderly, drug abuse and one school even campaigned to renovate their local park!

My class also took part in the Make a Difference Challenge; everyone in my class democratically elected (that means voted for!) a cause to support, and animal welfare won! I voted to support animal welfare because five years ago, I rescued our cat, Millie, from a rubbish bin - she's been our family cat ever since!  So I know how much work it is to keep a pet, and how many animals get abandoned because it is too hard to raise them.

After we chose our topic, my class did some research and learned that every year around 9,000 dogs and cats are cared for by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. We raised awareness about the Home by making models of dogs and cats and leaving them around the school for other children to rescue and bring to our class. We wrote short stories about each of the animals and tied them to their collars. We have planned to raise money for the Home, through a sponsored walk with a difference - we are all going to dress up as animals!

I love doing the Make a Difference Challenge because it makes school much more fun and what we are learning about feels important. Maths is important too, but at the moment I don't find it fun at all.

I'm feeling a bit nervous about returning to school after the Easter holidays because of my upcoming exams, especially my Maths one. I have tried to sit down and revise over the Easter holidays, and hope that my revision will pay off. I really don't want to let my parents down.

Sometimes when I am tired of revising and my Dad comes home late from work and slumps down in his chair exhausted, it reminds me of how my parents have struggled to come over to England, to provide a good future for Lulu and I. Their hard work will be wasted if I don't do well at school.Mum always tells me that the most important thing is to do my best and that everything else will work out.  But I still worry. Do you worry about exams too?