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This lesson aims to challenge common ideas about Africa. The Go-Givers character Teefa takes children on a tour of the continent to show the diversity of people, languages, housing and landscapes found there. 

Cross-curricular links: geography

Learning Activities:

  • Children explore where their ideas about Africa come from, and look at the influence of the media
  • Counting game of Oware, the national game of Ghana
  • Group work using atlases to research counties in Africa

    "This resource is thought provoking and raises truly interesting issues. It provoked a fascinating debate in my all white classroom. It was my intention to help my year3/4 class realise that there is a lot more to Africa than poverty and wild animals. This power point does just that."

    "Really thought provoking and dignified. Thanks for an un-patronising look at the amazing diversity and richness there is to the continent of Africa. Lots of excellent activities inspired by this presentation. Thanks very much."

Managing Anger: Mitali Loses His Cool

This lesson is based around a story in which the Go-Givers character Mitali keeps losing his temper. It aims to show children how their behaviour affects others and the difference it makes when we learn to control our anger.

Cross-curricular links: Art and Design

Learning Activities:

  • Deep breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Drawing pictures of the things that make children angry and ‘washing’ them away
  • Story of the fisherman and the bait – how can we learn to be ‘smartfish’?

Saving the Rainforest

It offers a cross-curricular approach to learning about the geography, natural history and environmental issues related to the rainforest. It looks at the effects of its destruction on humans and animals. The lesson also includes information on charities linked to saving the rainforest. It is suitable for Lower KS1 upwards. 

Cross-curricular links: Literacy, art, science

Learning Activities:

  • Poetry writing
  • Painting in the style of Henri Rousseau
  • Simple introduction of the carbon cycle
  • Ideas to encourage social action.