Know your Consumer Rights this Christmas

No matter how well you know them, at some point someone will get you a Christmas gift that just doesn’t fit, isn’t right or you just don’t like. In fact, about 32%* of us face this problem. But what rights do we actually have when it comes to these gifts? Do we have a right to return them or are you just stuck with a ridiculous Christmas gift you hate?

Many of us are surprised to learn that most high street shops do not actually have an obligation to accept returns unless under very specific circumstances. Nonetheless, most retailers will choose to provide a ‘goodwill’ returns policy – especially at Christmas.

In general, proof of purchase, such as a receipt, is needed. Although it is difficult telling someone you love that you don’t like their gift, just remember that otherwise it will simply lie around somewhere getting dusty.

To teach you more about your Consumer Rights, we have a special Christmas gift for you. This free consumer law module, put together by our dedicated SmartLaw team, takes students (and everyone else!) through their legal rights as consumers, from what to do if their new laptop breaks, to what protections exist when shopping online.