Big Vote

How can the children of your school make an impact on their local community?


Over 10 years of the Make a Difference Challenge children have learned the value of acting together to bring about change. The more people who express their concern and take action the greater the power!

Young Citizens is giving all primary age children the opportunity to take part in a vote to discover the issue of greatest concern to the nation’s children, and to take part in a national campaign to make things better.             

The Make a Difference Challenge is a child-led social action project for Key Stage 2 that supports pupils in identifying, researching and addressing a cause or concern that they want to do something about.

The top 10 causes below are those that children have chosen over ten years of the Make a Difference Challenge. We have created a PowerPoint presentation so that the children can learn a little about each issue before they vote.


The voting process is very simple.

Make sure that you and your school don’t get left out!

The top 10 causes are:

  • Homelessness
  • Supporting the elderly
  • Animal Welfare
  • Regeneration of local area or amenity
  • Endangered animals
  • Children's well being
  • Cancer
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • The Environment
  • Road Safety

Once the issue has been determined we will work with focus groups of children, and relevant charities and organisations, to create a plan of social action to bring the issue to the attention of our political representatives and the public next spring/summer, culminating in National Democracy Week 2nd – 6th July.

We aim to draw attention to the fact that young children have important views about the kind of world they wish to grow up in, and to demonstrate to children the influence they can wield to effect real change and create a better world.

If you wish to use ballot papers with your class, you can find them here. The closing date for voting is Friday 1st December.