With a focus on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning (SMSC), Go-Givers seeks to raise standards across the curriculum by stimulating children’s imaginations, developing empathy and providing opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving.

It raises aspirations by providing children with role models, space to reflect on their particular talents, and opportunities to set goals for the future.

Go-Givers resources cover:

British Values, Anti-bullying, Character Education, Diversity, Community, The Global Dimension, Environmental Issues, Health and Wellbeing, Keeping Safe, Making Choices, Financial Literacy, Social Issues, Feelings and Managing Change, War and Conflict, Disasters, Kindness and Charitable Giving, Political and Economic Issues. 

Creativity and Critical Thinking

Go-Givers attempts to liberate children from their immediate environment by profiling the big picture, and encouraging them to think critically by asking the important questions: how, when, what and why?

Evidence shows that children learn best through active participation. Go-Givers Learning Activities allow for maximum creativity and individual expression on the part of the learner. Our intention is to motivate young people to engage in further research and autonomous action.

Communication and Participation 

Go-Givers enhances the skills of communication and participation in their communities. Our presentations replace misperceptions with factual information, while the learning activities provide many and varied opportunities for children to express their views, listen to those of others, and develop solutions to local and global problems.

In an independent report by York Consulting (2013) 79% of children agreed that they would like to get more involved in their local communities, 73% said that Go-Givers lessons helped them to understand the needs of others. 77% agreed that we all have similarities and differences. 76% said that they would know what to do if someone was being bullied.