As proven by a Randomised Controlled Trial undertaken by the Cabinet Office in 2014, Go-Givers affects a tangible increase in character measures of Tolerance and Respect (Empathy), Community Spirit, Perseverance, Resilience and Grit, Problem solving and co-operation, as well as a greater willingness to volunteer. These results reinforced the findings of a recent independent evaluation.

The more complex our society becomes, the more our children need the assurance that comes from being steered through the issues, and from support to make sense of what it means to be an individual within a richly varied society. Whilst the programme addresses deep and sometimes controversial subjects in a lively, balanced and appropriate way, it does so without condescension or dilution of the issues and in a way that protects teachers’ mandate to remain non-partisan. Teachers often comment on how their own interest and understanding has been heightened or demystified.

‘The Go-Givers materials do not shy away from covering what can be seen as controversial social issues but in delivering the lessons, thanks to the materials, I knew I did not run the risk of offending anyone.’

Tina Allison, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, West Berkshire

Indeed, we believe that primary school children are eager to connect with the wider world in which they are living and learning. They are hungry for information and keen to play a part in creating a better future. Go-Givers enhances the skills of communication and participation in their communities. Our presentations replace misperceptions with factual information, while the learning activities provide many and varied opportunities for children to demonstrate their enthusiasm, express their views and listen to those of others, ask questions and research the answers and develop solutions to local and global problems.

Go-Givers provides opportunities for children to imagine what it would be like to stand in the shoes of others, those living in other places and other circumstances.

‘The danger with empathy work is that it can be scary for children, but what I love about the resources is that they are age-appropriate, but not dumbed down –they ask leading questions that are thought-provoking.’

Nigel de Sousa Holy Trinity C of E, Hillingdon

In an independent report by York Consulting (2013) 79% of children agreed that they would like to get more involved in their local communities, 73% said that Go-Givers lessons helped them to understand the needs of others. 77% agreed that we all have similarities and differences. 76% said that they would know what to do if someone was being bullied.