We believe that children learn best when learning is relevant and fun. The Kids’ Zone is a special place where children can read and learn from the characters’ blogs, play in the ‘Playground’, or download useful information from the Children’s Toolkit. They can even sing along with the karaoke version of our theme song.

Younger children love the characters that feature in the stories that bring sensitive social and moral issues to life. In the Go-Givers’ world nobody is perfect, nobody is terrible, and nobody is an outsider - each character has their own strengths and vulnerabilities. They demonstrate how we might restore compassion for one another through co-operation and sharing. 

In an independent evaluation by York Consulting (2013) 96% of pupils said that they liked the Kids’ Zone (96%) and that they like it when their teacher uses a Go-Givers lesson (92%).  All children asked liked the Go-Givers puppets and almost all said they liked the Go-Givers characters.  

Our versatile interactive tools provide children with the opportunity to create a comic strip story, or express their opinions through our Ballot Box and Decision Making Tools. Teachers may choose to use our motivational kit, enhance their teaching with our World Viewers or reinforce the learning with our quizzes and crosswords.