Are you really offering this resource free?

Yes! Thanks to additional funding from Pears Foundation, a long term core supporter of Young Citizens, we are offering UK primary schools a free subscription between July 2021 and July 2022 (normal price £399). To subscribe just enter the code PEARS21-22 at the checkout. You, and any teachers that you add to your school account, will then be able to have full access to Go-Givers.

How do I subscribe my school for free?

You can watch the video below to help. When you have inputted your school and lead account details go to the PAYMENT OPTIONS PAGE and make sure to enter the code PEARS21-22 in the HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE? box at the top of the page (just above PAY BY CREDIT CARD). Your ORDER SUMMARY should then show the full discount has been applied. 

Do you cover Relationships Education (RSE) and Health Education?

Yes. All of our lessons are mapped to the new statutory guidance on Relationships Education and to the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study updated in 2020 that covers, and goes beyond, the statutory guidance. Whilst Young Citizens Primary Resources do not cover all of the objectives relating to sex education (non-statutory in primary schools) and health education, we cover the majority of the objectives relating to relationships education. Mapping documents can be found in our planning section.

How do purchase a subscription and set up my account? 

This short video explains how!

If I were to subscribe, how many teachers would be able to access the website?

The number of teachers from your school who can access the site is unlimited so you can have multiple logins allowing all staff in your school to access the resources. The video below shows how to give other teachers in your school access to your subscription.


Can I edit the PowerPoints (PPTs) and Learning Activities?

Yes, you can. The PPTs were created so that you can adjust and edit them to suit your teaching style and cohort of children. The Learning Activities are in pdf format, and provide a number of activities from which to choose.

Is there an option to view lessons in their entirety before I purchase them? 

Yes, you can sign-up for our Free Lesson Pack containing 4 lessons (two for KS1 and two for KS2) here. For all other lessons, you can see a brief overview of what the lessons contain. You can also watch our 15 min website tour which shows the content of 4 further lessons along with the key features of a School Subscription.

Tour of the Go-Givers website from Young Citizens on Vimeo.

Which email address should I use to create my account?

We strongly recommend that you register with your school email address. 

I have forgotten my password, should I just create a new account?

You do not need to create a new account. Just click the log in button then click ‘Forgot Password’. Type in your email address and you'll be sent an email to reset your password. If you don't receive this email, please check in your spam folder.








How do I renew our School Subscription?

Only the lead teacher of your School Subscription is able to renew it. It can be renewed up to 7 weeks before expiry to ensure a continuous service (your expiry date would not change however so you would not lose any days by renewing early) by clicking on the 'renew now' button on the lead teacher's account page.

How is Go-Givers funded?

We were initially funded by the Cabinet Office but this funding has now ceased. We now receive funding from the Pears Foundation which allows us to offer access to our lessons and resources at a subsidised rate. We are a not-for-profit organisation so all funds received from selling subscriptions, and grants from the Pears Foundation are reinvested in the Go-Givers. 

I love Go-Givers and would like to support your work, what can I do? 

It is because of people like you that we are able to make such a difference. Your support is essential to the continuation of the growth of our programmes, and you could make impact on our work. If you are able to offer a donation or support in kind to inspire and empower young people to become engaged and confident global citizens we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email us at gogivers@youngcitizens.org

Do you offer training?

Yes, please see here for the list of training we offer. You can contact us about our training sessions by emailing gogivers@youngcitizens.org or calling 020 7566 4141.