About Us

Go-Givers is an SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) programme for Primary and Middle Schools.

We are an initiative of Young Citizens, an independent education and participation charity that encourages and enables young people to engage in democratic society. Our materials have been developed by our team of former primary school teachers in England.

The programme focuses on raising standards across the curriculum by stimulating children’s imaginations, developing empathy and providing opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving.

Contact Go-Givers: 020 7566 4141
Email: gogivers@youngcitizens.org

Who is Go-Givers for?

Our website is aimed at primary teachers and contains over 150 lessons referenced to the non-statutory National Curriculum for Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE). They enhance pupils’ learning across the curriculum, and are complemented by assembly plans, a suite of versatile tools for use on the interactive whiteboard, and printable posters and certificates for display in the classroom.

As the teaching materials were originally written for English primary schools, the lessons have been organised into sections for Key Stage 1 (children aged 5-7 years) and Key Stage 2 (children aged 7-11 years). However, since the programme was launched in 2007, we’ve been pleased to see that, in addition to Key Stage 3 teachers, Special Educational Needs teachers, English as a foreign language teachers and home educators, teachers from all over the world have enjoyed using our resources. As our presentations can be edited once they’ve been downloaded, we hope teachers will continue to adapt them to suit the needs and abilities of children and young people in a range of settings.

Our Ethos

Go-Givers is about developing caring and concerned young citizens with the confidence and skills to make a difference to their communities, both locally and globally. Go-Givers helps children understand how societies function and provides opportunities for them to imagine unfamiliar situations and explore attitudes beyond their own. They learn how they can take action in a meaningful way to make the world a better place, as we have witnessed in many schools.

Our Story

It all began with the inspiration of Marguerite Heath who wished to see children nurtured as ‘go-givers’, not just ‘go-getters’, in our primary schools. Go-Givers was originally conceived by the Home Office as a pack for primary schools to encourage charitable giving. Marguerite saw that it could become much broader: a cross-curricular offer that would cultivate children’s insight into social problems and their causes. In the year of its conception, she created a varied menu of interactive and colourful resources and dreamed up the Go-Givers characters to help our children examine their beliefs, interpretations and horizons, and to review the ways in which they understand themselves, their place in the world and the impact they can have on it.

Marguerite believes that schools have a duty to prepare primary aged children for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. Far from divesting them of their innocence, she reasons that by addressing the issues that beset our society we prevent children from feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Factual information and a sense of empowerment replace unfocussed fear and actually help preserve the joyfulness and spontaneity of childhood.

Marguerite considers empathy to be an important ability that needs developing in the young. She sees it as the cornerstone of human behaviour, the key to all human social interaction and morality. This philosophy pervades the Go-Givers programme.

Today the Go-Givers team is comprised of like-minded educationalists and third sector professionals who each bring their personal conviction, wisdom and experience to bear on the programme, and account for its increasing success.