Teacher, Lionswood Junior School, Norfolk

It’s the job of the education system to prepare our young people for the challenges and opportunities of a changing world. What better opportunity than basing Go-Givers at the heart of the school curriculum?.

Rekha Bhakoo CBE, Headteacher, Newton Farm Nursery, Infant and Junior School (Top Performing Primary School in England 2011)

There is an astonishing wealth of information which is current and relevant - totally thought provoking.

Teacher, Kent.

An extremely useful and motivating cross-curricular tool, we need more like this!

Teacher, Kent.

I absolutely love how many fab lesson ideas there are - everything there for you, so accessible and interactive.

Teacher, Kent

This is a fantastic resource to give staff and students the space and skills to discuss 'difficult' topics.

History Co-ordinator, Park Hill Primary, Birmingham

Go-Givers is a magnificent resources that will be invaluable in our school. I would absolutely recommend Go-Givers to every other school!

Headteacher, Hurst Green School, East Sussex.

I came across your site some time ago and have been singing your praises to all and sundry ever since! You have a fantastic range of resources which are a godsend for busy teachers.

T.L Brighton, teacher.

The danger with empathy work is that it can be scary for children, but what I love about the resources is that they are age-appropriate, but not dumbed down –they ask leading questions that are thought-provoking.

Teacher, Holy Trinity C of E Primary, Hillingdon

Really informative. Can't believe the high standard and quality of website and resources. Staff are keen to improve PSHE type provision! GG is in our school plan for next year!

Headteacher, Cobham School, Kent

Great ways for children to get advice and to learn to work with others by themselves. Children will get a sense of ownership for their problems and feel more able to face them.

K. Johnson, teacher

Why haven't I known about this before?  This will make my planning quick and easy, and I'll know the resources I'm using are quality and child-friendly.

Teacher, Fleggburgh C of E School, Norfolk

Amazing!  If only you covered the whole curriculum.

Teacher, Kinsale Junior School, Norfolk

When we have been talking about the Go-Givers characters and a discussion arises, I have found it easy to deal with topics [of a socially sensitive nature] because we are referring to the characters and not other children.

Teacher, Leybourne Primary, Kent

Lots of cross curricular links so one can tick off lots of learning objectives in one go.  Brilliant PowerPoints.

Teacher, Atwood Primary, Croydon

I love Go-Givers - it's a brilliant teaching resource.

Teacher, John Grant Special School, Norfolk

Good variety, appealing to children, good 'tools'. More flexible than SEAL, lots of instant resources which allow teachers to be pro-active if 'situations' arise, and help with planning and lesson ideas.

Teacher, Lionswood Junior School, Norfolk
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