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From Principle to Practice: A whole-school approach to SMSC and British Values

Thursday 2nd March 2017

Allen & Overy, Bishops Square, London, E1 6AD (View Map)

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Training & CPD…

The Go-Givers team offers training to schools to support senior leaders with their whole school planning and preparation for Ofsted, and to help teachers make the best of our resources. The team is comprised of experienced primary practitioners (based in Leeds, London and Kent) and other expert consultants.

We offer the following opportunities to schools:

  • Half or whole day training sessions
  • Half day specialist support for PSHCE Co-ordinators to advise/evaluate
  • A twilight training in your after-school staff meeting
  • A planning session, in which we work with your teachers to incorporate Go-Givers resources into your whole school curriculum
  • Phone or email support to map our lessons to your scheme of work or long-term plans
  • Participation in the Make a Difference Challenge (This is a child led project in which children support a cause of their choice. It includes a full day’s training for teachers. Read more here)

Current Training Opportunities...


British Values

We discuss what is meant by ‘British Values’ and how this requirement aligns with the duty to promote SMSC development.

We demonstrate how it should be visible through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and explore how the Go-Givers resources can help you teach children about our democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty while developing respect for those with different faiths and beliefs.
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'The whole school training on British Values was excellent. Detailed lesson plans and resources were showcased through a sensitive and engaging format, and staff ended the day feeling confident to begin teaching British Values straight away.'

- Jane Nolan, Principal, Ormiston South Parade Academy, Grimsby



Consider the importance of developing a proactive approach to bullying prevention in school that is built on fostering empathy, teaching intervention skills and supporting healthy and respectful relationships. Help children to understand bullying on a societal level and how they can protect themselves from it.
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Sensitive and Controversial Issues

Reflect on how teachers can help children think critically, explore alternative viewpoints and develop their own thoughts about sensitive and controversial issues. Understand the circumstances in which teachers should remain neutral and those where they are required to challenge views that are contrary to ‘fundamental British values’.
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'Thank you for a fantastic training session at Abingdon Primary. I have had plenty of positive comments from our staff who found the training really useful and engaging.'

- Ruth Hill, Assistant Head Teacher, Abingdon Primary School, Middlesbrough


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Learning

Consider the importance of SMSC learning in school, alongside academic attainment, and become familiar with the Ofsted requirements. Reflect on your school ethos and discuss ways in which values can be instilled through everyday interactions, assemblies and extra-curricular activities as well as through planned lessons.
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Valuing Diversity

Create an inclusive ethos and a relevant, enriched curriculum in which diversity is recognised and respected. Explore how the Go-Givers resources can help children think critically so that they are equipped to challenge discriminatory or bullying behaviour based on difference.
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‘Valuing Diversity is thought-provoking, pacey and packed full of useful ideas and strategies for the classroom. I highly recommend it.’

- Helen Jones, Headteacher, Chevening CE Primary, Kent


Training sessions can be tailored to suit the requirements of schools, cluster groups or academy chains.

We also offer a combination of training (e.g. British Values and Valuing Diversity) should you wish.

Prices range from £175.00 - £500.00 and depend on the number of delegates, and time and cost of travel. Where schools are interested in participating in more than one training component, special packages can be arranged.

For further information please email: or call us on 020 7566 5031 to discuss your requirements. 

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