We place SMSC education at the heart of our resources for primary schools, laying a firm foundation for children to develop social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning across cross-curricular lessons. We offer the Go-Givers lesson plans, assemblies and interactive tools in different packages to allow you to tailor them to your own curriculum.

Join Go-Givers
as an individual?

  • Buy a bundle
    of 6 lessons

    To make things easy for new visitors, we’ve organised some of our lessons into bundles by theme, or by suggested year group. Choose this option to select from 38 pre-set lesson bundles for KS1 and KS2.

  • Choose your
    own 6 lessons

    Already familiar with Go-Givers or know which lessons you want? No problem. Choose this option to select any 6 lessons from our extensive list of over 150 lessons for KS1 and KS2.

  • Teacher
    • Includes 12 lessons
    • Unlimited access to interactive whiteboard tools for one class

All subscriptions are annual, and include the following interactive tools:
World Viewer; Ballot Box; Kindness Kit; Mindmapping Tool; Decision Making Tool; Make your Own Maps; Prioritising Tool

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