Key Stage 2: Lessons

Anti-Bullying Week (7)

Bullying: Prepare to Stand Up and Stand Out

This lesson looks at ways in which we differ from each other and how we can develop a positive body image. The children learn intervention strategies through role play.

Care for the Elderly: The Grey Years

A lesson about ageing to help children experience what it feels like to be old. How charities help older people retain their independence.

Homophobia: Respecting All Our Differences

A lesson to address homophobic bullying, and explore different kinds of families. The Learning Activities include a bullying survey and means of identifying what is unique about each of us.

Keeping Safe in Cyberspace

Through the Go-Givers characters we learn about the dangers in cyberspace, the effects of cyber-bullying and internet safety. Activities include a quiz and role play.

Mediation: Resolving Conflict

Lesson to help children understand how to resolve conflicts and develop mediation skills. An allegorical tale about the benefits of negotiation. Creating silhouette designs.

Rights & Responsibilities: Freedom!

Lesson about Toussaint L'Ouverture's fight for freedom from slavery. How freedom is only maintained when there is a balance between rights and responsibilities.


An exploration of how stereotyping can lead to groups of people becoming scapegoats for the ills in our society. Counteracting Islamophobia - prejudice against Muslims.