Year 2 (B)

Lessons on a wide range of PSHE and Citizenship themes suitable for children in Year 2. Lessons include: Africa, Bouncing Back, It's a Dog's Life, Bullying: I won't be made to feel bad, To Give is to Receive, Vote for the Go-Givers and the free bonus lesson Meet the Go-Givers.

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This lesson aims to challenge common ideas about Africa. The Go-Givers character Teefa takes children on a tour of the continent to show the diversity of people, languages, housing and landscapes found there. 

Cross-curricular links: geography

Learning Activities:

  • Children explore where their ideas about Africa come from, and look at the influence of the media
  • Counting game of Oware, the national game of Ghana
  • Group work using atlases to research counties in Africa

    "This resource is thought provoking and raises truly interesting issues. It provoked a fascinating debate in my all white classroom. It was my intention to help my year3/4 class realise that there is a lot more to Africa than poverty and wild animals. This power point does just that."

    "Really thought provoking and dignified. Thanks for an un-patronising look at the amazing diversity and richness there is to the continent of Africa. Lots of excellent activities inspired by this presentation. Thanks very much."


Bouncing Back

A lesson to help children develop resilience and consider how to respond to challenges in a positive way. The Go-Givers characters share their experiences of difficult situations and how they ‘bounced back’.

Cross-curricular links: literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Discussing how we can think of our problems as lessons to learn from
  • Making a list of effort statements
  • Drawing cartoons to illustrate the difference between the optimist and the pessimist
  • A physical activity to help children to reflect upon and change the direction of their thinking
  • Completing sheet ‘Can We Fix it?’, listing problems and suggesting solutions
  • Making a whole class poem reflecting your positive solution-focussed thinking! 

It's a Dog's Life

This lesson is based around a story involving the Go-Givers character Jun who is trying to find a quiet place to do her homework. The story highlights the difficulties of getting privacy and space within a busy family setting, and helps children explore family relationships.

Cross-curricular links: spoken language, writing composition

Learning Activities:

  • Writing about special places created to play in, and using this as the beginning of an imaginative adventure story
  • Hot seating to empathise with different characters in the story


Bullying: I won't be made to feel bad

In this lesson the Go-Givers characters describe how they dealt with incidents of bullying, and children have an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences.

Cross-curricular links: literacy; drama

Learning Activities:

  • Discussing the ways in which people are different from each other
  • Bullying drama
  • Forming a human chain of experiences and looking at the role of bystanders
  • Making a kindness garden. Templates provided

To Give is to Receive

This lesson considers the value of money, the importance of generosity and sharing with others. The lesson is based around a Japanese folk tale, in which a small act of generosity is eventually rewarded with big gains. 

Cross-curricular links: maths (money) and financial awareness

Learning Activities

  • Discussing whether generosity deserves to be rewarded
  • Discussing what the children would do with a lottery win: considering their needs, wants and wishes
  • Considering the value of money
  • Discussing the 3 S’s: spending, sharing and saving. 
  • Recording ideas of how to be generous to others without spending any money 


Vote for the Go-Givers

In this lesson children share their opinions on things that matter to them and explain their views by considering a range of community issues raised by the Go-Givers characters. Children are also introduced to the concept of voting.

Cross-curricular links: spoken language

Learning Activities: 

  • expressing opinions by voting with thumbs, cards and lolly-pop sticks
  • exploring issues affecting the class that children might want to vote on
  • writing election manifestos for the Go-Givers characters


Meet the Go-Givers (free lesson)

An introduction to the Go-Givers characters. The lesson includes a quiz, and activities to help children understand the nature of fear and how to make friends.

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