Year 2 (A)

Lessons on a wide range of PSHE and Citizenship themes suitable for children in Year 2. Lessons include: Golden Girl - Jessica Ennis, More than One Friend, Christmas with the Go-Givers, Saving Energy, Bullying: Sticks and Stones, The Golden Statue and the free bonus lesson Meet the Go-Givers

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Golden Girl - Jessica Ennis

This lesson tells the story of the Golden Girl of the 2012 Olympics, Jessica Ennis. What makes her special and what keeps her grounded?

Cross-curricular links: literacy, geography, DT (cooking)

Learning Activities:

  • Jamaican recipes
  • Discussing role models and listing ‘wow’ words to describe them
  • Identifying own likes and dislikes and recognise what they are good at

More than One Friend

This lesson is based around an animated story in which Go-Givers character  Anna makes a new friend, a bee named Stripy, and her other friend Digby feels left out. This story addresses the issues of loyalty and jealousy in friendships.

Cross-curricular links: science, maths

Learning Activities:

  • Finding out about bees
  • Making tessellating honeycomb patterns using triangles and hexagons
  • Creating a class friendship book


Christmas with the Go-Givers

This lesson is based around a story, involving the Go-Givers characters, that explores the nature of giving. When everyone decides to give Callum a present for Christmas, they get an unexpected surprise!  The story shows the value of humour in achieving perspective, and how thoughtful gifts can be better than expensive ones. 

Cross-curricular links: literacy, maths 

Learning  Activities: 

  • Discussing our most valuable non-material gifts. Children make a Wish/Prayer Tree
  • Discussing what makes us laugh
  • Writing a story in which an unfortunate circumstance is turned into a funny situation
  • Writing a Christmas gift list
  • Calculating costs and talking about how to make savings

Saving Energy

This lesson focuses on the effects of global warming  on the environment, and the ways in which individuals can make small changes that together make a big difference. 

Cross-curricular links: Science

Learning Activities:

  • Experimenting to see which materials make the best insulators
  • Experimenting to see how long a kettle takes to boil
  • Building a switch 
  • Carrying out a survey of the school to identify where energy savings can be made 


Bullying: Sticks and Stones

A short, practical activity with a paper heart to demonstrate the hurt caused by name calling.

Learning Activities:

  • A whole class activity using paper hearts
  • Discussing the well-known phrase ‘sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you’. Can mean words leave scars on other’s hearts?

    "Lovely activity for my year 3 class, very appropriate for this year's anti-bullying theme. Thank You."

    "Lovely lesson idea. I'm going to use it with year one for anti-bullying week. It's really visual."

The Golden Statue

This lesson tells a story, adapted from a Buddhist legend, that encourages the children to reflect on how the generosity with which a gift is given is more important than the amount donated. 

Cross-curricular links: Religious Education, Art & Design 

Learning Activities:

  • Using the symbol of the lotus flower to consider the group’s aspirations and virtues
  • Creating your own plaster casts 


Meet the Go-Givers (free lesson)

An introduction to the Go-Givers characters. The lesson includes a quiz, and activities to help children understand the nature of fear and how to make friends.

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