Year 1 (B)

Lessons on a wide range of PSHE and Citizenship themes suitable for children in Year 1. Lessons include: Get Better Soon, Exploring Our Community, Go-Givers Bear Hunt, Litter: The Picnic, Save Our Jack, Rules: You Can't Do That Here and the free bonus lesson Meet the Go-Givers

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Get Better Soon

This lesson is based around an animated story involving the Go-Givers character Mitali who is feeling unwell. The other characters bring him different things to try and help him feel better. It introduces children to some common cold medicines found in the home such as Lemsip, Vicks VapoRub and Calpol as well as other traditional remedies such as ‘chicken soup’ and a ‘hot toddy’ containing alcohol. 

Cross-curricular links: science

Learning Activities:

  • Discussing times you have been unwell, medicines and treatments the children know about
  • Discussing which medicines go inside and outside the body, matching pictures to the right place on an outline of the human body
  • Role playing going to the doctor
  • Understanding harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol

"Great resource. I've used it as an introductory lesson for our science topic on medicines."

"This matches our Drug Ed. lessons really well and makes the lesson so much more real and interesting for the children. Lots of opportunities for discussion to keep them enthusiastic and help them to learn and remember these important messages."

Exploring Our Community

In this lesson children are asked to consider who lives in their community and what the important places are. What do they like best about where they live and what would they like to change?

Cross-curricular links: literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Completing ‘My Communities’ sheet, considering the concentric circles that make up your community.
  • Drawing a map of your community. Comparing different visualisations of the local area.
  • Writing stories inspired by Michael Rosen’s ‘Bear Hunt’. The children stumble across a ‘community gem’.
  • Community treasure hunt. Template included. 

Go-Givers Bear Hunt

This charming animated story featuring Rio, our partially sighted character, is adapted from Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. There are two versions of the PowerPoint for this lesson. The top PPT incorporates a narration that includes a description of everything on the slide so it will take longer than usual to download. The backgrounds on the slides have been kept to a minimum to make them less confusing for partially sighted pupils. The lesson was developed in partnership with RNIB.

Cross-curricular links: science, literacy, spoken language

Learning Activities:

  • Investigating our eyes and how they work
  • Game to experience life without sight
  • Discussion about risk-taking
  • Re-telling the story from the point of view of the bear


Litter: The Picnic

This lesson is based around an animated story in which the Go-Givers character Digby gets separated from his friends, falls into a stream and gets trapped in a bottle!  The story helps younger children learn about the danger litter can pose to wildlife. The simple language, animation and sound effects make this lesson suitable for Reception and Year 1 upwards.

Cross-curricular links: science

Learning Activities:

  • Learning the Countryside Code
  • Experiment to find out how different materials decay and which are biodegradable
  • Doing a litter survey in the school grounds
  • Organising a Teddy Bears Picnic

'My children loved it and said they would love to read it again another time'

'What a charming resource! Will use this with my KS2 pupils as well.'


Save Our Jack

This lesson, in the form of a simple story, is about the factors that make a community successful and happy—including  acceptance, tolerance, respect—and how the different cultural communities in Great Britain make a positive contribution. 

Cross-curricular links: Geography

Learning Activities: 

  • Discussing what flags are for: if you had a school flag, what would it look like?
  • Discussing the origins of the Union Jack and the countries that make up the United Kingdom
  • Discussing the origins of different people in class and the positive contributions all the different cultures have made
  • Writing a description of the UK for someone who has never been here
  • Compiling a list of things the children are proud of about Britain, and things they would change


Rules: You Can't Do That Here

This lesson focuses on the importance of rules. In the animated story, Go-Givers character Callum wants to try out his new skateboard but keeps being told 'You can't do that here!' The story illustrates how rules and responsibilities can limit the choices available but also explores why they are necessary, how rules can keep you and others safe, and how rules can be changed. 

Learning Activities:
•    See Nifty Gear (available with a School Subscription) for creating a Classroom Contract /Ground Rules
•    Discussing how everyone can contribute to Ground Rules, and how everyone can help enforce them.


Meet the Go-Givers (free lesson)

An introduction to the Go-Givers characters. The lesson includes a quiz, and activities to help children understand the nature of fear and how to make friends.

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