Year 1 (A)

Lessons on a wide range of PSHE and Citizenship themes suitable for children in Year 1. Lessons include: Expedition to Planet Blueball; Caring for Pets; Disability: Stairs; Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody; Please Help Mitali; The Selfish Little Red Hen and the free bonus lesson Meet the Go-Givers.

Only £18.75 including the following lessons:

Expedition to Planet Blueball

This lesson explores the issues of pollution of our planet and sustainable power. It is based around an animated story, involving the Go-Givers characters, in which creatures from a friendly planet are invited to help clean up Earth. 

Cross-curricular links: literacy, science, design  technology, art and design

Learning Activities:

  • Making ‘space creature’ masks
  • Discussing how people might react to strange creatures from outer space. Drama activity to build skills in empathy
  • Researching animals in danger of extinction 
  • Finding out about pollution and sustainable power sources
  • Conducting an experiment to oxygenate water

Caring for Pets

This lesson is based around a simple story exploring our responsibility to provide proper care for our pets.

Cross-curricular links: spoken language, data-handling

Learning Activities:

  • Class pet survey, creating a bar chart to record the pets kept by families of children in the class
  • Children match pictures portraying needs that humans and pets share. Which pet needs do the children have responsibility for?
  • Looking at how we should treat our pets
  • Looking at the everyday objects around the home that could be dangerous to pets
  • Role play to develop empathy. Discussing ways in which pets can be good or bad neighbours

Disability: Stairs

This lesson uses an animated story, involving the Go-Givers character Pete, to explore the needs of people in wheelchairs, and show how determination can overcome difficulties.

Cross-curricular links: science 

Learning Activities:

  • Surveying the school site to identify any areas which are inaccessible to wheelchair users. Marking down the changes you would make.
  • Discussing the achievements of Tanni Grey Thompson. Information included. 
  • Experimenting with pulleys

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody

This lesson is based around the clever traditional poem about four children named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. It introduces children to the idea of taking responsibility in the context of tidying up toys after they’ve been playing with them! 

Cross-curricular links: literacy; drama

Learning Activities:

  • Role play around making excuses. Role play cards included
  • Discussing and writing the responsibilities they feel towards different groups (eg. themselves; their family; the whole country)
  • Celebrating children’s acts of  kindness
  • Making pledges on ‘Helping Hands’ coupons. Template included
  • Read, discuss and illustrate the poem ‘Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody'.

Please Help Mitali

This lesson follows the behaviour of our Go-Givers character Mitali, and explores why he is behaving badly, what choices he is making, and how children and adults can help.

Cross-curricular links: Literacy, Art & Design, PSHE

Learning Activities:

  • Writing a poem about positive contributions Mitali can make to his school community
  • Creating a fact file about animals that help humans in different ways
  • Painting a picture or creating a collage about animals that help us



The Selfish Little Red Hen

This animated story turns the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen on its head. In this case the hen is always too busy to help her friends. Pupils can choose the story ending. They are asked to reflect on the importance of team work and co-operation, and learn how to share their opinions.

Cross-curricular links: Drama (Spoken Language), Literacy 

Learning Activities:

  • Discussing the importance of being helpful: who helps the children? Who do they help?
  • Discussing the impact of selfishness on others 
  • Writing a poem entitled “What kind of world would it be?” 
  • Considering how  helpfulness benefits society 

'We used this lesson as part of our traditional tales series. The children loved the twist to the story and they liked the fact that they could choose the ending to the story. It prompted a lengthy discussion and they discovered that we don't always agree! They really enjoyed it thank you!'

Meet the Go-Givers (free lesson)

An introduction to the Go-Givers characters. The lesson includes a quiz, and activities to help children understand the nature of fear and how to make friends.

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