Our Community - KS1

KS1 lessons to help children think about what a community is, the different people in their community and how people help each other. Why are rules important and what contribution can they make to their community? Includes the lessons: Our Rules, Caring for Our Community, Chicken Soup, Exploring Our Community, You Scratch My Back, Save Our Jack.

Only £18.75 including the following lessons:

Our Rules

A short lesson to help children understand the need for class Ground Rules.

Caring for Our Community

In this lesson children are introduced to the words ‘philanthropist’ and ‘charity’ and think about the role they play in helping to care for people. Which charities do the children think are most important, how can they help care for people in their community and why is this important?

Cross-curricular links: literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Creating a ‘community web’ with wool to demonstrate how tight bonds bind communities together
  • Categorising every day items as ‘essential’ or ‘desirable’ to explore wants and needs
  • Creating a philanthropist super-hero!
  • Surveying members of the community

Chicken Soup

This lesson is based around a traditional story adapted from Jewish folk-lore about the value of sharing and nature of generosity. 

Cross-curricular links: literacy, science (healthy eating)

Learning  Activities:

  • Investigating the traditional chicken soup recipe. Why might this be considered healthy?
  • Completing sheet ‘Are You a Healthy Eater?’ 
  • Homework: children bring in one healthy recipe from home (template provided)
  • Make a class collection of healthy eating recipes

Exploring Our Community

In this lesson children are asked to consider who lives in their community and what the important places are. What do they like best about where they live and what would they like to change?

Cross-curricular links: literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Completing ‘My Communities’ sheet, considering the concentric circles that make up your community.
  • Drawing a map of your community. Comparing different visualisations of the local area.
  • Writing stories inspired by Michael Rosen’s ‘Bear Hunt’. The children stumble across a ‘community gem’.
  • Community treasure hunt. Template included. 

You Scratch My Back

This lesson explores the importance of sharing and co-operation, using symbiotic examples from nature and a musical exercise to illustrate how working together can help bring about  better outcomes.
Cross-curricular links: science, music

Learning Activities:

  • Learning about the ways that different animals help each other to survive in the natural world
  • Considering the meanings of conflict, cooperation and negotiation
  • Creating their own animal (group activity)
  • Creating their own piece of music; firstly when working  alone, secondly when listening and working as a team

    "Brilliant slideshow. A super introduction to the task set for group work. Thank you."


Save Our Jack

This lesson, in the form of a simple story, is about the factors that make a community successful and happy—including  acceptance, tolerance, respect—and how the different cultural communities in Great Britain make a positive contribution. 

Cross-curricular links: Geography

Learning Activities: 

  • Discussing what flags are for: if you had a school flag, what would it look like?
  • Discussing the origins of the Union Jack and the countries that make up the United Kingdom
  • Discussing the origins of different people in class and the positive contributions all the different cultures have made
  • Writing a description of the UK for someone who has never been here
  • Compiling a list of things the children are proud of about Britain, and things they would change


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