Keeping Safe & Making Choices - KS1

Lessons to help KS1 children think about why rules are necessary to keep people safe, how to notice signs a neighbour is in trouble and call the emergency services, about the safe use of medicines and how our choices can help or hurt other people. Children also consider how to make choices when balancing their needs with the needs of others. Lessons include: Get Better Soon; It's a Dog's Life; Good Neighbours; Rules: You Can't Do That Here; Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody; Go-Givers Bear Hunt.

Only £18.75 including the following lessons:

Get Better Soon

This lesson is based around an animated story involving the Go-Givers character Mitali who is feeling unwell. The other characters bring him different things to try and help him feel better. It introduces children to some common cold medicines found in the home such as Lemsip, Vicks VapoRub and Calpol as well as other traditional remedies such as ‘chicken soup’ and a ‘hot toddy’ containing alcohol. 

Cross-curricular links: science

Learning Activities:

  • Discussing times you have been unwell, medicines and treatments the children know about
  • Discussing which medicines go inside and outside the body, matching pictures to the right place on an outline of the human body
  • Role playing going to the doctor
  • Understanding harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol

"Great resource. I've used it as an introductory lesson for our science topic on medicines."

"This matches our Drug Ed. lessons really well and makes the lesson so much more real and interesting for the children. Lots of opportunities for discussion to keep them enthusiastic and help them to learn and remember these important messages."

It's a Dog's Life

This lesson is based around a story involving the Go-Givers character Jun who is trying to find a quiet place to do her homework. The story highlights the difficulties of getting privacy and space within a busy family setting, and helps children explore family relationships.

Cross-curricular links: spoken language, writing composition

Learning Activities:

  • Writing about special places created to play in, and using this as the beginning of an imaginative adventure story
  • Hot seating to empathise with different characters in the story


Good Neighbours

This lesson is based around an animated story involving the Go-Givers characters that highlights the value of good neighbours. In the story, Mrs Stackpole is always waiting to greet the Go-Givers on their way to school but one day the house is dark and she isn’t there. Children are asked to consider the signs that tell us when our neighbours need help as well as when and how to call the emergency services.

Cross-curricular links: literacy, spoken language

Learning Activities:

  • Role play practising calling 999
  • Learning about why hoax calls can cost lives
  • Investigating different signs that a neighbour might need help


Rules: You Can't Do That Here

This lesson focuses on the importance of rules. In the animated story, Go-Givers character Callum wants to try out his new skateboard but keeps being told 'You can't do that here!' The story illustrates how rules and responsibilities can limit the choices available but also explores why they are necessary, how rules can keep you and others safe, and how rules can be changed. 

Learning Activities:
•    See Nifty Gear (available with a School Subscription) for creating a Classroom Contract /Ground Rules
•    Discussing how everyone can contribute to Ground Rules, and how everyone can help enforce them.


Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody

This lesson is based around the clever traditional poem about four children named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. It introduces children to the idea of taking responsibility in the context of tidying up toys after they’ve been playing with them! 

Cross-curricular links: literacy; drama

Learning Activities:

  • Role play around making excuses. Role play cards included
  • Discussing and writing the responsibilities they feel towards different groups (eg. themselves; their family; the whole country)
  • Celebrating children’s acts of  kindness
  • Making pledges on ‘Helping Hands’ coupons. Template included
  • Read, discuss and illustrate the poem ‘Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody'.

Go-Givers Bear Hunt

This charming animated story featuring Rio, our partially sighted character, is adapted from Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. There are two versions of the PowerPoint for this lesson. The top PPT incorporates a narration that includes a description of everything on the slide so it will take longer than usual to download. The backgrounds on the slides have been kept to a minimum to make them less confusing for partially sighted pupils. The lesson was developed in partnership with RNIB.

Cross-curricular links: science, literacy, spoken language

Learning Activities:

  • Investigating our eyes and how they work
  • Game to experience life without sight
  • Discussion about risk-taking
  • Re-telling the story from the point of view of the bear


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