Feelings & Managing Change - KS1

Lessons to help KS1 children think about difficult feelings such as anger, frustration, fear and sadness. How can they overcome these feelings? Strategies for coping with times of change and activities to explore what makes them unique. Lessons include: All About Me, Mum Doesn't Live Here Any More, Please Help Mitali, Who's Afraid?, Bouncing Back, More than One Friend and the free bonus lesson Mitali Loses His Cool.

Only £18.75 including the following lessons:

All About Me

This lesson is a vehicle to enable children to reflect on themselves, their lives so far and their future goals. Suitable for Year 2 upwards.

Cross-curricular links: History

Learning Activities:

  • Researching the meaning of children's names, what happened on their birth date and their family tree
  • Selecting the six most important events in their life
  • Completing the booklet 'All About Me', answering questions such as: What makes me laugh? What makes me angry? What I would do if I won the Lottery (for others)
  • Creating a personal timeline

Mum Doesn't Live Here Any More

This lesson is designed to help children cope with family break up. It is delivered in a cartoon format using Go-Giver character Callum’s personal experience to explain what can happen when mums and dads don’t get along anymore. 

Cross curricular links: Literacy, Drama, History (timeline)

Learning Activities

  • Discussion: Different types of families and the changes that can occur in families
  • Folding activity to show the value of good communication
  • Puppet show script
  • Timeline to show family changes
  • Discussion: Different techniques for managing anger.

Please Help Mitali

This lesson follows the behaviour of our Go-Givers character Mitali, and explores why he is behaving badly, what choices he is making, and how children and adults can help.

Cross-curricular links: Literacy, Art & Design, PSHE

Learning Activities:

  • Writing a poem about positive contributions Mitali can make to his school community
  • Creating a fact file about animals that help humans in different ways
  • Painting a picture or creating a collage about animals that help us



Who's Afraid?

This lesson uses a story involving our Go-Givers characters to explore different fears, why we are afraid of things, and how to overcome our fears. 

Cross-curricular links: science

Learning Activities:

  • Discussing fear as an instinct
  • Considering why we are afraid of things
  • Considering how courage enables us to overcome our fears and experience new things
  • Exploring how each of our five senses help to keep us safe 


Bouncing Back

A lesson to help children develop resilience and consider how to respond to challenges in a positive way. The Go-Givers characters share their experiences of difficult situations and how they ‘bounced back’.

Cross-curricular links: literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Discussing how we can think of our problems as lessons to learn from
  • Making a list of effort statements
  • Drawing cartoons to illustrate the difference between the optimist and the pessimist
  • A physical activity to help children to reflect upon and change the direction of their thinking
  • Completing sheet ‘Can We Fix it?’, listing problems and suggesting solutions
  • Making a whole class poem reflecting your positive solution-focussed thinking! 

More than One Friend

This lesson is based around an animated story in which Go-Givers character  Anna makes a new friend, a bee named Stripy, and her other friend Digby feels left out. This story addresses the issues of loyalty and jealousy in friendships.

Cross-curricular links: science, maths

Learning Activities:

  • Finding out about bees
  • Making tessellating honeycomb patterns using triangles and hexagons
  • Creating a class friendship book


Mitali Loses His Cool (free lesson)

This lesson is based around a story in which the Go-Givers character Mitali keeps losing his temper. It aims to show children how their behaviour affects others and the difference it makes when we learn to control our anger.

Cross-curricular links: Art and Design

Learning Activities:

  • Deep breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Drawing pictures of the things that make children angry and ‘washing’ them away
  • Story of the fisherman and the bait – how can we learn to be ‘smartfish’?


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