Diversity - KS1

Lessons to help KS1 children think about similarities and differences between people. How can we be considerate of people who have different needs from ourselves? Lessons include: Africa, Disability: Stairs, Golden Girl - Jessica Ennis, Pete's Parathletics, What Does the Photo Tell Us?, Rio Meets Callum.

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This lesson aims to challenge common ideas about Africa. The Go-Givers character Teefa takes children on a tour of the continent to show the diversity of people, languages, housing and landscapes found there. 

Cross-curricular links: geography

Learning Activities:

  • Children explore where their ideas about Africa come from, and look at the influence of the media
  • Counting game of Oware, the national game of Ghana
  • Group work using atlases to research counties in Africa

    "This resource is thought provoking and raises truly interesting issues. It provoked a fascinating debate in my all white classroom. It was my intention to help my year3/4 class realise that there is a lot more to Africa than poverty and wild animals. This power point does just that."

    "Really thought provoking and dignified. Thanks for an un-patronising look at the amazing diversity and richness there is to the continent of Africa. Lots of excellent activities inspired by this presentation. Thanks very much."


Disability: Stairs

This lesson uses an animated story, involving the Go-Givers character Pete, to explore the needs of people in wheelchairs, and show how determination can overcome difficulties.

Cross-curricular links: science 

Learning Activities:

  • Surveying the school site to identify any areas which are inaccessible to wheelchair users. Marking down the changes you would make.
  • Discussing the achievements of Tanni Grey Thompson. Information included. 
  • Experimenting with pulleys

Golden Girl - Jessica Ennis

This lesson tells the story of the Golden Girl of the 2012 Olympics, Jessica Ennis. What makes her special and what keeps her grounded?

Cross-curricular links: literacy, geography, DT (cooking)

Learning Activities:

  • Jamaican recipes
  • Discussing role models and listing ‘wow’ words to describe them
  • Identifying own likes and dislikes and recognise what they are good at

Pete's Parathletics

Go-Givers character Pete introduces us to some of the sports in the Parathletics, and the athletes who take part in them. 

Learning Activities:

  • Investigating a range of disabilities by experiencing different forms of impairment
  • Inventing games that are inclusive of people with different types of disability

What Does the Photo Tell Us?

This lesson is about empathy. It provides the opportunity for children to stand in the shoes of others and consider how different the lives of children in other countries might be.

Cross-curricular links: geography, charitable giving

Learning Activities:

  • Considering what is going on outside the frame of the photographs in the PowerPoint
  • Considering the similarities and differences between the children’s livres and those depicted in the photographs
  • Considering what happened before/after the photographs were taken: thinking about context and their knowledge of other countries 


Rio Meets Callum

This lesson is about the experiences of people who are partially sighted, and introduces Rio, our new partially-sighted Go-Givers character. It takes the form of an animated audio story, about how Rio, on his way to collect a large print book from the post office, bumps into Callum. The lesson was created in partnership with the RNIB.

Cross-curricular links: Literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Writing a limerick with rhyming words
  • Discussing what it might be like to be partially sighted/blind


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