Enrichment and reference materials

These materials are designed to support the Go-Givers ethos and provide context and additional information for PSHE, SMSC and Citizenship.

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  • Ground Rules

    Ground Rules

    Advice on creating a safe learning environment and important information to prepare children and support teachers before discussing sensitive or controversial issues raised in the Go-Givers lessons.

  • Ethos Statements

    Ethos Statements

    Inspire the children in your class to become caring and active citizens with these posters featuring the Go-Givers characters. Each Ethos Statement, one for every month, comes with related activities.

  • Children's Toolkit

    Children's Toolkit

    A series of 'How to' guides providing information for children on PSHE and citizenship skills such as creating a questionnaire, public speaking, designing a leaflet, writing a letter to a political representative, being a good listener and more!

  • TASC Wheel

    TASC Wheel

    TASC stands for 'Thinking Actively in a Social Context'. TASC is a universal, inclusive, and well-proven framework for teaching problem-solving and thinking skills. This tool, based on Belle Wallace's design, can be used to support social action projects and other group problem solving activities.

  • Go-Givers puppets

    Go-Givers puppets

    Ideas for introducing, handling and using the Go-Givers puppets in the classroom to help children voice their feelings, model good behaviour and enhance learning across the curriculum.

  • Go-Givers Character Masks

    Go-Givers Character Masks

    Use these Go-Givers masks for drama and role play to enhance children’s understanding of empathy and tolerance etc. and to develop their speaking and listening skills.

  • Go-Givers Club

    Go-Givers Club

    Advice on setting up and running a Go-Givers after-school or lunch-time club to help children develop their knowledge and skills as active citizens and make a positive contribution to the school and wider community.

  • Go-Givers pictures

    Go-Givers pictures

    Download, print and display pictures of the Go-Givers so that children become familiar with the characters. Perhaps give groups of children one of the characters to be their team mascot!

  • Respect and Recognition

    Respect and Recognition

    Recognise pupils' achievements in PSHE and Citizenship by downloading and printing these special certificates to reward children for courage, debating skills, fundraising, helping, supporting others, social action and for kindness.

  • How to Use GoGivers in Your School

    How to Use GoGivers in Your School

    Ideas for using the Go-Givers materials to enhance learning across the curriculum, promote charitable giving and create a caring school ethos.

  • Questions to Develop Citizenship

    Questions to Develop Citizenship

    Useful questions to help develop children's critical thinking, emotional literacy and empathy as well as support their moral development. These can be used when discussing stories or examining situations that arise in the classroom.

  • The Art of Positive Criticism

    The Art of Positive Criticism

    Advice on how to encourage children to support each other in the classroom with tips on how pupils can give feedback in a way that is contructive, protects self-esteem and increases willingness to take risks in their learning.

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