British Values

This special edition Go-Givers bundle for Key Stage 2 on the theme of justice and fairness features a lesson on Magna Carta in recognition of its 800th anniversary on 15th June this year. The bundle is available for £15.00.

Magna Carta

This lesson explores the concepts of fairness and justice and how the Magna Carta is the foundation for equality before the law in the UK. 

Cross-curricular links: history

Learning Activities:

  • researching people who fought for justice
  • finding out about our system of jury service
  • writing own Queen's Speech

Equal Opportunities

This lesson is about the meaning of equal opportunities and the nature of prejudice. It gives examples of groups that may suffer from discrimination. 

Cross curricular links: Literacy, IT, Art

Learning Activities

  • Discussion: What qualities to look for in a friend
  • Story writing
  • Researching charities that support groups of people who are discriminated against
  • Designing an equal opportunities logo
  • Creating a cartoon to illustrate an unfair situation


This lesson explores how stereotyping can lead to groups of people becoming scapegoats for the ills in our society. The PowerPoint begins with a story featuring Go-Givers character Ahmeti, the goat, which is suitable for Lower KS2 upwards. The later slides show examples of how media bias can contribute to Islamophobia – prejudice against Muslims. These would be suited to Upper KS2.

Cross-curricular links: Literacy 

Learning Activities:

  • Circle time activity to examine our own attitudes.
  • Adding Positive and negative captions to recognise the power of the media.
  • Researching aspects of Islam

    "An excellent introduction to underdstanding prejudice and racism"

Stephen Lawrence: The Long Search for Justice

This lesson for upper KS2 looks at how we use our discrimination, and how discrimination can be socially harmful. The PowerPoint sets out how the parents of Stephen Lawrence went about achieving justice for their son.

Cross-curricular links: Literacy

Learning Activities:

  • Experiment: They’re all the same
  • A story illustrating the nature of prejudice
  • Discussion about discrimination

For & Against: Where Do You Stand?

This lesson provides a number of issues on which children are asked to think about where they stand. They will be supported in learning how to express their views and listen to different points of view before making up their mind on important issues. 

Cross curricular links: Literacy

Learning Activities

  • Discussion using situations provided
  • Writing a letter to a political representative
  • Finding out what an activist does

Child Slavery: All for Profit

This lesson looks at the Unicef Rights of the Child and how children across the world are enslaved or bonded to serve the needs of business.

Cross curricular links: Geography, History

Learning Activities

  • Looking at where items originate from
  • Using questions as discussion starters
  • Taking a closer look at the Law on Child Labour
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