Raising a family is a funny business

Children characteristically laugh, play creatively and act silly. As we grow older we tend to forget these skills, but as a parent you have the opportunity to re-visit these three basic rudiments of a joyful life. In so doing you will feel healthier, and create more happy memories to look back on.

A smile is contagious. It improves your appearance and is an effective way to connect with those around you.
Research supports the value of laughing.

Laughing relaxes the muscular system, massages internal organs, doubles our heart rate, stimulates our nervous system and improves our lung capacity.

Laughter reminds us of the temporary nature of problems. To have a sense of humour is to have the ability to see the bigger picture of life, with all its paradoxes and contradictions.

Mums and dads should not strive to be the perfect parents with all the right answers &. life is all about learning. Demonstrate life's journey as an adventure, not just hard work. Ensure that it includes many magical moments of playfulness and delight.

Tips for creating family fun:

  • Tell each other about the best, worst and most embarrassing part of your day.
  • Do more activities you like doing, and share them with your children.
  • Create fun and meaningful customs for birthdays, holidays and ordinary days.
  • Learn a riddle or two. "Why was the belt arrested? &. For holding up the pants/trousers" Surprise your children, for instance with a note in their lunchboxes, or a last minute trip.
  • Join your children in their den or tent with a picnic.
  • Sing a crazy good night song together.
  • Make up fun nick names for your children, for use exclusively within the family.

Above all, enjoy your time together.

Before you know it they will be fleeing the nest!

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