Children's Galleries

This is where we share the winning entries of our competitions with you. See work by other children, including fantastic Olympic value medals, and amazing letters written to the Prime Minister.

  • Children's Manifesto Competition

    Children's Manifesto Competition

    In the run up to the UK general election in 2015, we invited children to write their own political manifesto with their suggestions about how to improve the country. We had over 1,700 entries from 57 primary schools. Winners were invited to an event at the Palace of Westminster where they had a tour of the Houses of Parliament and read out their manifestos to invited MPs. Read their manifestos here.

  • Olympics Medal Competition

    Olympics Medal Competition

    The Olympic Values of respect, excellence and friendship are at the core of Go-Givers. To celebrate these values, we ran a competition for London 2012 asking children to design medals to represent these themes. We received 5,914 entries from 117 schools across the country, full of creative ideas. This gallery displays the winning designs, alongside our runners-up.

  • Anti-Bullying Week Competition

    Anti-Bullying Week Competition

    For Anti-Bullying Week 2011, Go-Givers asked children to write either a story or poem to convey the hurt caused by name-calling. Take a look at some of the wonderful entries submitted by children from across the country.

  • Dear Prime Minister Competition

    Dear Prime Minister Competition

    In the run up to the UK general election in 2010, we invited children to write a letter to the newly elected Prime Minister with their own suggestions about how to improve the country. Read their thoughts about what the priorities should be here.

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