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My name is Latifah but everyone calls me Teefa for short. I am 10 years old. My mum is from Nigeria and Latifah is an African name meaning 'gentle'. Clothes are really important to me and my friends and we always get the latest fashion.
At school, I get into trouble for talking too much and being bossy. I don't mean to be naughty, but sometimes I get shy and then I talk too much to cover it up.


It's the summer holidays again and my amazing grandma is coming to stay with us again! My grandma is full of surprises and never fails to amaze me and make me laugh. Last time she came she surprised me with a trip to Naples. It was the best summer ever. I had so much fun with her and her friends. I hope me and Jun will be like that one day when we are old!

She's very fashionable (like me) despite her age and I love her to bits!
I'm very excited she's coming and have organised a couple of amazing outfits that me and my best friend Jun, who's also into fashion, has helped me pick out to show her.
So, on Saturday morning I cleaned my room up nicely as she was staying in there with me. Plus, I also helped my mum clean the house. She was very grateful as she hates cleaning! 
Grandma came that evening and we all sat down and had my favourite Italian food - PIZZA! My grandma makes the best home-made pizza. She really is a good cook. She makes the dough and everything from scratch and it's so yummy!
"You like Italian food, don't you darling" she said to me as I woolfed it down. 

"Nothing's better than yours!" I replied.
"Well," she said, "how would you like to try some pizza in Italy itself? How about Milan?"
I was so shocked, she had done it again! Surprised me with a holiday! After last year I was definitely ready to say...
"I knew you would like it. Milan is the fashion capital of the world! Right up your street! Come with me, learn some Italian and try some of the yummiest pizza in the world. It's a present from me for doing so well this year."
My grandma is the greatest! I was going to Milan, fashion capital of the world! I couldn't hold in my excitement! So, I rang Jun and told her everything. I promised her I’d buy her some amazing clothes and take as many pictures to show her as possible. Granny was also going to teach me how to speak Italian before we went. This was going to be an amazing holiday!
Where's your favourite holiday been?



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