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My name is Mitali, I am 6 years old.
My Grandma usually looks after me. Like the rest of my family, I’m a Hindu. Mitali is a Hindu name which means 'friend'.
Sometimes I think I’m too chubby and sometimes I don't sleep well because I worry about being bullied.
I like to show off my Indian dancing, especially at parties with my cousins.

What Happens at Night?

What happens very late at night? We had a family party and my cousin Amar and I stayed awake ALL night! It was such fun but we had to hide from the aunties. They wear lots of lipstick and they all wanted to kiss us! YUCK!

My cousin Amar and I got to stay up all night on New Year's Eve. I couldn't believe it, we had a really big party, there were lots of family and friends and everyone had fun. It was the time that I got to stay up until 2 O'clock in the morning!

At 12 O'clock everyone started shouting and cheering, and when the kissing started (those aunties were wearing so much lipstick!) Amar and I ran for it. We hid under a table covered in a big white table cloth. There were so many people, and my mum and dad were so busy laughing and dancing, that it took them long time to realise that we hadn't gone to bed.

It is great to stay up late. Normally I go to bed by 8 O'clock. My dad reads me a story and even if I stay awake playing quietly without them realising it, I fall into a deep sleep before long. However, I do wonder what happens really late at night, between midnight and 7.30 in the morning. What kind of people are awake during the night? What do they do?

When the police came to our school to talk to us about being safe they told us that there are police men and women walking the streets at night. Once I woke up in the middle of the night and heard noises! All I could see in my dark room was an orange triangle of light, and the only sounds were the clip clop of someone's shoes on the street. I think it might have been  the police walking the streets. The clock said 5 O'clock so if it wasn't the police, it must have been a monster wearing shoes!  What do you think?



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