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My name is Mitali, I am 6 years old.
My Grandma usually looks after me. Like the rest of my family, I’m a Hindu. Mitali is a Hindu name which means 'friend'.
Sometimes I think I’m too chubby and sometimes I don't sleep well because I worry about being bullied.
I like to show off my Indian dancing, especially at parties with my cousins.

My Birthday!

It's my birthday! Yipeee! I am going to have a computer party. My best friends are all coming. They are going to stay at my house but I know we won't sleep much! Even if my mum thinks we are fast asleep!

I am 6 but I can't wait to be 7. For my birthday I am going to have a computer games sleepover party. It is going to be so cool! No one knows about it yet, apart from my best friend, my cousin Amar, and now you!

I am still thinking about what we will do and who is going to come. We are going to play computer games until really late at night. I am sure my mum will come upstairs and check if we are asleep. Of course we will pretend we are. Then, very late at night, when it's really black outside, Amar, Jack, Callum and I are going to go really, really quietly downstairs and start playing again. We'll have a midnight feast too. I know where all the sweets and crisps are hidden in the kitchen!

What are you going to do for your birthday?


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