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My name is Mitali, I am 6 years old.
My Grandma usually looks after me. Like the rest of my family, I’m a Hindu. Mitali is a Hindu name which means 'friend'.
Sometimes I think I’m too chubby and sometimes I don't sleep well because I worry about being bullied.
I like to show off my Indian dancing, especially at parties with my cousins.

Eating Pizza with my Sister

Yippee! Tonight I am going to sleep at my sister's house. She is married to Milan. He is one of my best friends. He always teases her and sometimes she gets very cross but she knows he is only joking.

It is Friday and I am so happy! Tonight I am going to stay at my sister's house. I can't wait! My sister got married in the summer and now she lives with Milan, my new brother, just down the street. I love going to her house because we always eat pizza and Milan and I play computer games all night, my sister usually tells him off for letting me stay up 'till really late but she doesn't really mind, and she says that as long as I don't tell mum, it is ok!

Sometimes my sister shouts, but really she is a very lovely person. She is kind and funny and always looks after me. Milan always teases her and makes her shout and get cross. She isn't really angry and usually ends up laughing, especially when we start tickling her.


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