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My name is Mitali, I am 6 years old.
My Grandma usually looks after me. Like the rest of my family, I’m a Hindu. Mitali is a Hindu name which means 'friend'.
Sometimes I think I’m too chubby and sometimes I don't sleep well because I worry about being bullied.
I like to show off my Indian dancing, especially at parties with my cousins.

Cooking for everyone

I am bang in the middle of organising THE best day of the year. There is bread dough and flour stuck to my fingers still and tomato juice dribbled down my t-shirt. I have been making pizzas! The best, healthiest, most delicious pizzas in the city and every so often I get this little whiff of delicious baking pizza...YUMMMMMMMM...I am making pizzas for a picnic I have organised for my family in the park.  And guess who is top chef?  Me, of course!  It's going to be amazing and the food is going to be so delicious.

This summer I learnt to cook! There was a special summer school at my primary school and lots of children from different schools came along. It was brilliant!  My cousin Amar came along too and we learnt how to make loads of different things......smoothies with bananas, milk and strawberries. A cake made of carrot! (I always thought carrot was just a boring vegetable!!!)  We even wrapped little slices of fish and cucumber in seaweed paper (yes SEAWEED!!!) to make sushi!

It was amazing and now it is my turn to show everyone in the family how you can make nice food that is good for you too!  Plus, being top chef in my family's kitchen means I get to boss Amar around.  My grandma, for once, is just keeping quiet whilst Amar and I tell her what to do...but secretly I think my grandma loves it.  She gave Amar and I some special white chef hats to wear (mine is slightly taller, of course) and aprons so we wouldn't get food on our clothes (somehow though when I was testing the sauce I still managed to get tomato on my t-shirt.) 

I am really happy to be cooking such great food and very happy to be in charge.  This afternoon Amar and I will pack everything into a massive basket and everyone will meet at the park with their picnic mats and lots of lovely food and drinks, but we all know whose the most delicious food will be, without doubt my pizzas will be the best!



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