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My name is Jun, I am 8 years old.
My first language is Chinese and Jun is a Chinese name meaning 'truthful'.
I go to gymnastics and dancing whenever I can and I love writing stories.
I hate fish, and other slimy things.
I have two younger twin brothers.

Some of my Favourite Things......

I love dancing and drawing. One day I want to be a fashion designer or an actress or a dancer. There are lots of things I like to do. What do you like doing best?

I love making cartoons. I love drawing, and I think I am actually pretty good at it. In school everyone always asks me to draw for them. Sometimes it takes a long time to make the picture perfect but it feels wonderful when you finish it. It's so nice just to think about the drawing, how to make it better, how to get it to look like the picture you have in your head or in front of you.

When I grow up I want to be a dancer, an actress of a fashion designer. I love dancing! Teefa, Ahmeti and I have a dancing club. We practice every day in the playground and after school at each other's houses. Teefa is our choreographer, she is a bit bossy some times but she know how to dance really well, and she gets all the best music from her brother. Teefa and Ahmeti are my very best friends.


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