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My name is Jun, I am 8 years old.
My first language is Chinese and Jun is a Chinese name meaning 'truthful'.
I go to gymnastics and dancing whenever I can and I love writing stories.
I hate fish, and other slimy things.
I have two younger twin brothers.

Make a Difference Challenge 2011

I was having a look at our ‘Make a Difference Challenge' case studies today and remembering all the wonderful things children have done to help their communities and make a difference.  I'm really excited because soon there will be lots more case studies to read about as this year our ‘Make a Difference Challenge' schools have been doing even more amazing things!

Some of Abbey Primary's Year 4 and 5 have been raising awareness regarding the poor quality of the water in Africa. The children are charging 50p for others to learn what it's like to carry water the way many people have to in Africa, and having a speaker come in to encourage the rest of the school to get involved. At Cheam Park Farm Junior School, the Year 3 class are collecting toys and books to bring to the children's hospital. Wow, that's such a cool thing to do! I'm sure the children will love everything you bring them. Lordship Lane Primary Year 5 is interviewing and creating a video about the dangers of gangs, and the Year 5 class at Roger Ascham Primary are hosting visits with their grandparents to learn about the needs of the elderly.

These children, and many others, who are participating in this year's ‘Make a Difference Challenge', are doing wonderful work in support of both local and global causes. I'm so proud of you all, and all of you out there who are doing good things that I haven't read about yet.  It would be so cool to hear about what you are doing or thinking of doing with your school! You can ask your teacher to login to that you can fill in a case study and tell us all about it!!


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