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My name is Jun, I am 8 years old.
My first language is Chinese and Jun is a Chinese name meaning 'truthful'.
I go to gymnastics and dancing whenever I can and I love writing stories.
I hate fish, and other slimy things.
I have two younger twin brothers.

Learning Languages

Recently my teacher told us that it was European Languages week, and I learnt how to say some words in a few different European languages! I learnt how to say phrases in French, Spanish, German, Polish, and even Hungarian!

This made me think about the languages that people speak. I don't normally think about the fact that I speak two languages. I speak English at school with my friends and Mandarin (that is the language that Chinese people speak) at home with my family. I don't speak Mandarin at school because none of my friends or teachers can speak it! They wouldn't understand me!

Because of this, I thought that I would teach everybody some Mandarin! I am going to tell you some basic phrases in Mandarin. Chinese people don't use the letters of the alphabet like English or French, we use symbols instead called Han characters.

Ok, let me teach you some Mandarin. For example, ‘hello' is ‘Ni hao' (sounds like knee-how). Practise saying it to yourself 3 times. And now for ‘goodbye', which is ‘Zai jain' (sounds like Dzai gee-en) Some of the words are quite tricky to say, but with practice they become easier.

It is pretty cool to be able to speak another language and I am sure that there are children in your class who can speak another language. Perhaps you could learn how to say hello in another language. Good luck or as we say in Mandarin, ‘Hao yun!'



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