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My name is Jun, I am 8 years old.
My first language is Chinese and Jun is a Chinese name meaning 'truthful'.
I go to gymnastics and dancing whenever I can and I love writing stories.
I hate fish, and other slimy things.
I have two younger twin brothers.

100 days till the Olympics

Everybody keeps talking about the London 2012 Olympics! Did you know that there are under 100 days to go until they start?!

Don't tell anyone but I don't really like many sports - apart from gymnastics. I really enjoy my gymnastics classes. I can't wait to watch the Olympic gymnasts on the television. My favourite part is the floor routine, on the mat. I really love it when gymnasts use the ribbon. When they move it looks like they are painting the air with it. Even though gymnastics is a really hard sport, it looks really artistic. I think that's why I enjoy it so much.

I wish I could move like a work of art! I'm still a bit clumsy on the bars, but I do keep practicing! My gymnastics teacher Miss Thompson says that I have a lot of potential but I need to practice a bit harder. I like watching synchronised swimming too. It looks similar to gymnastics but it is in a swimming pool. It is called ‘synchronised' because everyone moves at exactly the same time, in sync. It is very graceful.

The best part of the Olympics is definitely the Opening Ceremony! This is the huge performance before the Games begin. All the athletes parade around a huge stadium holding their county's flag and there is music, dancing, singing and a massive fireworks display - even bigger than the one I saw last New Year's Eve in Holland! On the Opening Ceremony night, Teefs is coming to my house and we are going to watch it together and chat about all the costumes and dances. I can't wait!

My teacher Mr Jones has told us about this really cool Go-Givers Olympics competition, where I can use all of my artistic skills! The competition is to design three medals, to represent the Olympic principles of Excellence, Respect and Friendship. The medals won't actually be used at the Olympic Games, but the winning designs will be made into real medals and Mr Jones will give them to star kids! The competition will be coming to your school really soon! Tell your teacher all about it and ask if your class can take part. I can't wait to see all of your medal designs!


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